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Smart DNA Test

Genetic Testing

Your genetic makeup is individual to you and nutrigenomics is the process of using genetic test results to give you the best information on what you should be doing to take care of your health.

You can’t change your genes but you can alter how your genes are expressed through targeted diet, lifestyle and exercise choices.

There is a long list of genes that are tested but having a nutritional genetic test done can tell you how you should be eating and how you should be moving your body. It doesn’t diagnose any illness or disease but it can tell you where some susceptibilities may lay so you can prevent disease.

Smart DNA looks into detoxification pathways and methylation and it can tell you weather you are susceptible to deficiencies with a number of nutrients. It can see how well you might be able tolerate gluten and dairy, and if inflammation and oxidative stress could be a problem for you. It gives you information on how your body might metabolize fats and if you have a high risk of cardiovascular disease. It will give you the best ratio of macronutrients that you should be eating and they type of exercise that is best suited to you and your genes.

Once you have the test you have this information for life. You can use the information gained from a Smart DNA test to help you make decisions on the best way for you to take care of your health and wellbeing.

Find out more about Smart DNA at their Official Website, then contact Nikki to book a test.

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What is involved?

The Smart DNA test is performed using a simple saliva sample. This sample is sent to the laboratory in Australia and results usually take around 4-6 weeks.

You are required to have an initial consultation with your practitioner so they can gather relevant information and discuss the process with you. This is also important so your practitioner has an understanding of your current state of health and can provide appropriate recommendations.

Once your results are received your practitioner will write up a summary that will provide all the information in an easy to understand format. This is then explained and discussed in a follow up consultation. Total cost for the Smart DNA test and consultations $850