Seed And Sprout

Pre-conception care program to prepare your body for pregnancy and motherhood.

“Research shows that your state of health before conception determines the quality of your reproductive organs and therefore the long-term health of the life you are creating. Studies have found that foetal exposures affect the lifelong likelihood of developing chronic disease.”

(Barker 1990)


If you have had difficulty conceiving before or you just want to improve your health before you embark on parenthood then this program is for you.

Nikki specialises in fertility and reproductive health and has a huge understanding of the intricate workings of our hormones. If you suffer from irregular cycles or PMT or have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis or fibroids then you will find this program very beneficial for getting your hormones back on track. Weather you want to conceive now or in a few years time it is never too early to address hormonal imbalances.

Foetal toxin exposure is a scary but very real concern and various toxins have the ability to disrupt our endocrine system function. This system is responsible for all our hormones so its health is essential for our reproductive health. Embarking on a gentle effective cleanse BEFORE conception can improve your health and that of your baby.

Time frame – Sperm take 72-116 days to mature and eggs are susceptible to damage from 100 days prior to ovulation, thus a minimum of 3 menstrual cycles/months is required for effective treatment before conception.

The 4 month Seed and Sprout program will focus on...

  • Advice that is specific to you and your individual needs to ensure the best possible start to your baby’s life.
  • Nutritional assessment and diet advice for you and your partner ensuring key nutrients are obtained for a healthy pregnancy and beyond.
  • Assessment and naturopathic treatment of any reproductive health concern you may have.
  • Charting (sympto-thermal method) to assess and understand your cycle and appropriate treatment where needed.
  • Supporting the elimination of any toxicity and learn how to minimise your toxin exposure.
  • High quality practitioner only products are prescribed, based on your individual needs, which will enhance your results.

What is included?

Consultations included in the program are completed over the 4 months (one consultation each month) and can be done either via skype or in person.

1x initial consultation – comprehensive 1.5 hours – including in-clinic Hemaview testing
3x Follow up consultations – 30 minutes
1x Final follow up consultation 45 minutes – repeat of in-clinic Hemaview testing included

An e-book is provided that is full of information on diet and lifestyle tips for hormonal regulation and how you can prepare your body for conception.

You will also have unlimited contact with Nikki via e-mail during the program for any questions or concerns you may have.

Cost: $385 for all consultations and in-clinic Hemaview testing Supplements are additional if required. (It is recommended that your partner also books in for a consultation to asses his health and fertility. Cost for an Initial comprehensive consultation is $145)