Nourish and Thrive

The Nourish and Thrive program is designed to give you some answers about what foods you need to nourish and balance your body. It focuses on your individual requirements and removes any confusion around the huge amount of information out there.

We are not about fad diets and the latest trends but more about eating a wholefood diet that gives your body all of the essential vitamins and minerals that is needs for optimal function.

Nutrition plays a huge part in our lives by providing the fuel we need to produce energy and for our organs to function. What we eat can determine how we feel, how we look and how our body and mind performs. Diet can cause or cure illness and we are seeing an increase in lifestyle diseases, that can easily be treated with dietary and lifestyle changes.

The 10 week Nourish and Thrive nutrition program will focus on…

  • Assessment of diet and any health concerns you may have.
  • Individual dietary advice to get you on track to feeling full of energy and well nourished.
  • Nutritional knowledge that will last you a lifetime.
  • A realistic diet and lifestyle plan with tasty and easy recipes to suit your health and wellness goals.

What is included?

The program includes all consultations that can be done either via skype or face to face. You will also receive the Nourish and Thrive E-book that contains a meal plan and recipes.

1x initial consultation – comprehensive 1.5 hours – including in-clinic Hemaview testing
2x Follow up consultations 30 minutes each
1x Final consultation 45 minutes, will include repeat of in-clinic Hemaview testing to assess your progress

You will also have unlimited contact with Nikki via phone and e-mail during the program for any questions or concerns you may have.

Cost: $330 for all consultations, in-clinic testing and E-book. Supplements are additional if required.