Cleanse and Glow

Life can get pretty hectic at times and we can often forget to take good care of our health.

The 10 week Cleanse and Glow program may be just what you need to give your health a kick in the right direction and get individualised advice on your diet and lifestyle that is specific for you and not the latest fad. This program will not only support your bodies detoxification system it will help you to make slow and steady changes to your diet and lifestyle that will last you a lifetime and have you feeling fabulous.

Toxins – we are exposed to them daily and emerging evidence is showing that toxicity is a driver of chronic disease. It is important to do all you can to reduce your exposure to every day toxins and to make sure that your body is capable of eliminating these toxins to prevent subtle accumulation that could contribute to many health concerns.

The 10 week Cleanse and Glow program will focus on….

  • Eating real whole foods that will provide the essential nutrients required for the elimination organs to function optimally and to help boost your energy. There is no fasting or juice diet.
  • Nutritional advice that suits you and your lifestyle and will ensure your success, not only while you are completing the program but for the rest of your life.
  • Addressing any health concerns that are specific to you. Examples can include digestive issues, fatigue, stress or anxiety.
  • Supporting the elimination of toxins and information on how to minimise your toxin exposure.
  • In clinic testing is performed to ensure targeted treatment and to monitor your progress.
  • High quality practitioner only products are prescribed, based on your individual needs, which will enhance your results.

What is included?

The program includes all consultations that can be done either via skype or face to face, all supplements are included and can be tailored to your needs. You will also receive a comprehensive E-book full of diet and lifestyle information to ensure your results.

1x initial consultation – comprehensive 1.5 hours – including in-clinic Hemaview testing
1x Follow up consultation 30 minutes.
1x Final follow up consultation 45 minutes – Repeat of in-clinic Hemaview testing included

You will also have unlimited contact with Nikki via phone and e-mail during the program for any questions or concerns you may have.

Cost: $495 for all consultations, in-clinic Hemaview testing and supplements.

All supplements to support detoxification are including but additional supplements may be required to treat any specific health issues.