Your Unique Health Plan

We will begin your journey to optimum health with a thorough consultation so we can gather as much information about your health as possible.
Once we have all the information we need, we will develop a specialised step-by-step treatment plan that is right for you. It’s important that you have continued support when making any dietary or lifestyle changes so your practitioner is available to support and guide you to ensure your success. Your individualized treatment plan may include:
  • lifestyle changes
  • Dietary suggestions
  • Nutrition plans
  • Dietary and nutritional supplements*
  • Herbal medicine*
  • Referral to another health practitioner
  • Further investigations

If you select a comprehensive consultation then a live blood analysis test is performed. Further pathology testing may be required to further assess your state of health and can be done via a GP referral letter or through a private laboratory for functional testing. Please refer to more information on the testing page.

I encourage you to use our services in conjunction with other health practitioners and recommend you bring any recent pathology results, current medications and supplements you are using to your appointment.

*Utilising the latest scientific research in herbal and nutritional remedies that strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself, we only prescribe high quality products and practitioner only ranges.

Please note: Nikki is not currently taking on any new clients, therefore it is not possible to book an initial consultation. If you have seen Nikki previously then you are welcome to book in a follow up consultation. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, if you would like to be added to the wait list we will contact you as soon as some initial appointments become available. Please call Health 2000 on 03 443 8360. Thank you.


Initial Appointment
Comprehensive (1.5 hours) - $165

Includes a thorough case history and live blood analysis. A full Treatment Plan is provided. This consultation type is only available when working with naturopath Nikki Potts.

Initial Appointment
Standard (1 hour) - $120

Includes a thorough case history and a full treatment plan but no live blood analysis. This is suited to any one wanting advice on an acute illness or a cost effective way to access natural health care.

Follow up Appointment
Standard (30 minutes) - $55

To continue with or reassess the direction of your Treatment Plan.

Follow up Appointment
Express (15-20 minutes) - $35

Allows for a quick assessment and time to discuss prescription changes.

Follow up Appointment
Extended (45 minutes) - $85

Allows extra time to discuss your progress and treatment. An extended follow up is needed to repeat the live blood analysis.

Supplements and herbal medicine are prescribed at an additional cost

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Nutrition Programs

Choose from one of our three nutrition based programs that are designed to meet your individual requirements and help you reach your health and wellness goals. .

After 10 years in the natural health industry our Naturopath Nikki has a wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver a program that works.

Regular contact means that your personal needs are thoroughly assessed and meet. Following a program ensures that we work through your treatment goals systematically to ensure results that are maintained long term.

The programs have been designed to cover three key areas of health. The Seed and Sprout program is all about hormonal health and preconception care. Cleanse and glow will help to reset your eating habits while supporting your detoxification pathways and the Nourish and Thrive program is based on eating a balanced diet to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Following a program is a cost effect way to commit to making dietary and lifestyle changes. Often people want results over night but unfortunately that is not realistic, therefore a program will take you through the changes step by step to ensure that you get results and maintain your improvements. Consistency and balance is the key and I like the saying “you are what you most consistently eat”.