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Nikki from Fusion Natural Health Clinic is passionate about helping her clients' achieve their health and wellness goals.

Have a read of what some of Nikki's Clients have to say.


I am still preaching how amazing / life changing your work is - it really is, I am still sticking to the diet as much as I can and have now really integrated meditation, yoga and mindfulness into my daily life so not only have you fixed my gut you've helped to fix my anxiety too! You have no idea how thankful I am for your incredible work!


Nikki was recommended to me by a friend to see in Wanaka regarding my ongoing illnesses. I booked into see her about 2 years ago and have been seeing her ever since. My first appointment was very thorough and I came away from the appointment with a fresh outlook on my health and also a positive one. Nikki was amazing. She listened to all of my history and took thorough notes and records.  She also worked in with an integrative GP that I see also and never made me feel that I needed to choose one or the other. She looked at my current medications and gave her views and ideas on what I could do to improve my health. She researched well into my case and this has been ongoing right throughout my time seeing her. She has picked up on a number of things that my GP hadn't and improved my health and well being immensely.  Last year it came time for my husband and I to leave beautiful Wanaka to move to the North Island and I was worried that I was going to leave my case and improved health behind and have to start again with yet again someone else. However Nikki was only too happy to continue on with my health journey via Skype and email. It has been awesome, her regular contact and fast response to any questions or postage of supplements has been amazing and I will continue on my health Journey with Nikki as I have found someone finally who listens, acts, who is very knowledgeable and someone who I feel very comfortable with. Thanks for all you do for me Nikki.

Rebekah de Beer-Lamont

Nikki has been a tremendous help in getting my health back on track.  She had been recommended to me many times, and I can see why.  Nikki is very thorough and professional, she is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and to educate.  Our appointments were always followed up with an email of what we’d discussed, including a treatment plan, nutrition and exercise guidelines.  I’ve had great results with Nikki and would highly recommend Fusion Natural Health Clinic to anyone wanting to improve their health.